Innovation Clinical-Grade Locating

What is Clinical-Grade Locating?

Location Accuracy – Certainty-based location with the capability of segmenting spaces into clinically meaningful zones. For clinical applications, zones are typically patient rooms, beds, bays, nursing stations, hallway segments, and other relevant workflow areas. Granularity can reach down to chair-, shelf- and even dispenser-level.

Update Speed – Delivers rapid location updates capable of capturing interactions between equipment, patients, and staff within a few seconds. Facilitates the collection of clinical milestones using immediate button presses.

Reliability – Ensures critical location and status updates are delivered to the application level. Enterprise-class monitoring provides at a glance visibility to system status. Devices and tags have long-lasting batteries.

Integration – Seamless integration with over 100 clinical applications including Nurse Call, EMR, and high acuity systems.

Installation – Battery-powered devices are installed easily in patient care areas without the need to close rooms or deploy special infection prevention measures.

Location Accuracy of Critical Resources


Non-Clinical-Grade RTLS


Estimated location of critical resources
Clinical-Grade RTLS TM


Certainty-based locating of critical resources