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Helping Healthcare Do More

In a time of increased mobility of people, ideas, and objects, big data is extremely important. The Internet of Things looks to tracking not only for visibility’s sake, but in an effort to build efficiency within an otherwise chaotic system.

In healthcare, there is an even more pressing need for this increased visibility, efficiency, and gathering of data around relevant interactions. As innovation in mobile-health and health IT continues, there is a growing expectation for hospital leadership to do more with less. CenTrak’s mission is to help fulfill this demand for its customers. Hundreds of CenTrak-installed sites have already seen the benefits of our Enterprise Location Services and Clinical-Grade Visibility™ technology. Visit our customer testimonials page to find out how CenTrak customers are doing more with less.

Real-Time Healthcare Visibility Innovation

Our culture is fueled by innovation. We balance the ever-growing demands of healthcare with an even faster growing product portfolio. CenTrak has been recognized in Deloitte’s Tech Fast 500 for three consecutive years as one of the fastest growing tech companies and the top Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) provider in North America, leading the industry with the most enterprise-wise installations. Out of our 850 healthcare installations, CenTrak technology can be found in 40% of Becker’s Top 100 Greatest Hospitals in America.

CenTrak’s mission is to bring high quality, reliable, and affordable real-time location technology to healthcare. We are leaders in our field and work hard to create devices and infrastructure which enable the most accurate data collection. The CenTrak system provides hospital leaders with big data and peace of mind so they make well-informed, “smarter” decisions for their patients, staff, and bottom line.