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Maximizing the value of Enterprise Location Services™

CenTrak’s Enterprise Location Services are engineered to deliver the most accurate location and condition data. CenTrak offers an advanced open platform, enabling easy integration with major healthcare solutions including Nurse Call, Electronic Medical Records, Capacity Management, Bed Management, Asset Management, Computerized Maintenance Management and Hand
Hygiene Compliance.

CenTrak’s mission is to bring high quality real-time location systems to healthcare. A channel-centric sales model allows for deep collaboration with partners yielding a cost effective, future-proof technology investment. CenTrak provides healthcare leaders with big data which can be used to make well-informed decisions for their patients, staff and bottom line. Through robust training, marketing, certification and technical support programs, CenTrak partners deliver proven solutions and valued healthcare expertise.

Partner Ecosystem

Systems Integrator:

  • Manages complex Enterprise Location Services programs integrated with multiple Solution Providers
  • Provides thought leadership and best practices for all use cases
  • Certified in the deployment of CenTrak core locating technologies 
  • Delivers ongoing system support and device management

Solution Provider: 

  • Generated value via the integration of location services with point-solutions
  • Offers expertise in the deployment of point-solutions for specific use cases
  • Certified in the deployment of CenTrak RTLS components required for solution operation – optional
  • Provides ongoing system support and device management – optional


  • Sells CenTrak technology and services in support of Enterprise Location Services programs or point-solutions
  • CenTrak provides deployment services, ongoing support and device management

CenTrak’s Key Competencies to Ensure Partner Success and Customer Satisfaction.

  • Success Management – Account Managers help partners identify high-value use case targets, document ROI and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Technical Support – Industry leading Technical Assistance Center offering 24/7/365 support for mission-critical solutions.
  • Advanced Integrations – Software Development Kit and support for new integrations and access to over 100 certified solutions via the CenTrak Connect™ platform.
  • Implementation Support – Deployment support as needed for key implementation phases including project management, design, site survey, configuration, testing & certification and go-live.
  • Certifications – Formal certification and training programs enable Systems Integrators and Solution Providers to provide turnkey deployment, system support and device management expertise.

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