Clinical Operations & Workflow

Making operating rooms (OR), and emergency departments (ED) more streamlined helps them become more efficient. Using CenTrak’s real-time locating system (RTLS) can automate tracking systems, improve equipment usage and locate staff members or patients within seconds.

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Why Choose Us?

Use CenTrak RTLS across the healthcare enterprise to automate the data collection of status events and interactions
between patient, staff, and equipment, providing real-time visibility as well as tools for future analysis.


In an emergency, there’s no time to waste. With CenTrak, EDs and ORs will know exactly where their assets are, including equipment and staff, to ensure fast and well-coordinated patient care. Centrak RTLS enhances staff utilization and reduces the time spent searching for required assets.


Patients often see multiple caretakers and are quickly moved to different locations. Staff must know the location, movement and interaction of patients, staff members and equipment. Remove manual processes related to the visibility and communication of patient data, leading to improved workflow.


RTLS tracks the location of equipment so it can be found quickly when needed. Additionally, keep temperature-sensitive materials within their recommended storage conditions to reduce the risk of wasted or unsafe products and resources.


Follow soiled equipment through the sterilization process to reduce the spread of contagious viruses and disease. CenTrak’s Environmental Monitoring solutions also help to maintain proper air pressure differentiation to prevent airborne infections.

Transforming Patient Care

As the 2019 KLAS® Category Leader, CenTrak has more enterprise-wide deployments than any other RTLS company in the industry.
Today, there are over 1,700 healthcare facilities using CenTrak’s location services.