Patient/Infant Protection Tag Mini
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Operating Room Emergency Department

IT-722E Patient / Infant Protection Tag Mini

The CenTrak Patient/Infant Tag Mini is a radio transmitter contained in a small, ergonomic casing. The tag incorporates a tamper detection mechanism that is enabled as soon as the tag is applied to the skin. From this time forward, the tag is constantly monitored by the system.

  • Integrates with CenTrak’s RTLS and Security Security Solutions
  • Gen2IRTM Technology for Clinical-Grade LocatingTM applications
  • Small size, lightweight
  • Skin sensing Technology to trigger tamper events
  • Fully waterproof
The tag is waterproof to allow for bathing, and does not interfere with the operation of other hospital or personal medical equipment. It is also resistant to soiling and UV light, and may be cleaned with a disinfectant solution.
The disposable band may be adjusted to allow for normal weight loss, is non allergenic, and does not contain latex.
The tag communicates with CenTrak’s Patient Elopement Wander Prevention System and Infant Protection System as well as Centrak Clinical-Grade RTLS™, so facilities are able to continually monitor patient/resident and infant locations, as well as prevent patients/residents from wandering to restricted areas and child abductions.