Innovation Multi-Mode Technology

CenTrak’s Multi-Mode Technology combines Wi-Fi locating, CenTrak’s Second Generation Infrared (Gen2IR™), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and Low Frequency RF into one future-proof platform.

Multi-Mode technology with Wi-Fi locating


Open Platform

CenTrak’s open platform enables location data to be streamed in real-time to over 100 integrated partner applications. The platform also supports the use of location data from Wi-Fi clients including computers on wheels, IV pumps and phones.

Low Frequency RF Devices


Ultimate Accuracy & Flexibility

CenTrak’s battery operated devices can be positioned
wherever accurate location data is needed including rooms,
hallways, bays and even chairs. Therefore, when a tag reads
a room number, there are no errors. This is certainty-based
RTLS, a requirement for today’s healthcare automation and
workflow applications.