Outpatient Workflow – Enterprise Locating and Sensing Services

Checking patients in, monitoring their progress through an appointment and seeing what milestones they have completed takes up staff time at clinics. CenTrak offers a way to do this automatically using a real-time locating system (RTLS) that can make facilities more efficient and reduce wait times.

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Why Choose Us?

CenTrak improves patient workflow and allows for process improvement by recording and analyzing patient, staff and equipment interactions.
This can reduce patient wait times while offering the provider more time with the patient to take care of medical services. It increases room turnover time, too.


CenTrak allows for the automation of tasks like documenting patient milestones, tracking time with patients and patient rooming.


More efficient workflow leads to an increase in room utilization and availability, with staff better understanding operational bottlenecks that they can address.


With reduced patient wait times, patients and providers receive more contact time, allowing for more thorough discussions and a better overall patient experience.


CenTrak tools can enhance staff communication, integrating with patient flow applications and EMR systems for automated documentation.

Transforming Patient Care

As the 2019 KLAS® Category Leader, CenTrak has more enterprise-wide deployments than any other RTLS company in the industry.
Today, there are over 1,700 healthcare facilities using CenTrak’s location services.