Innovation Products
Blood Bank Monitoring

Asset Tags

  • Visibility to asset location and status
  • Reduces time searching for equipment
  • Automate PAR-level management
  • Reduces equipment shrinkage and rental expenses
Multi-Mode Asset TagMulti-Mode Asset Tag
Asset Tag MiniAsset Tag Mini
Asset Tag MicroAsset Tag Micro
Dura TagDura Tag
Patient Elopement Monitoring

Patient Tags

  • Improve patient care and safety
  • Manage patient wandering
  • Enables capacity management and patient flow optimization
Patient TagPatient Tag
30-Day Tag31-Day Tag
Infant Protection

Infant Protection Tags

  • Ensure the safety of infants throughout the hospital
  • Supports the correct matching of mothers and infants
  • Quick response to abduction attempts
Umbilical TagUmbilical Tag
newmom Tagnewmom™ Tag
newbaby Tagnewbaby™ Tag
Resident Elopement Monitoring

Staff Tags

  • Visibility to staff location
  • Ensures staff and patient safety with immediate notifications
  • Integrates with Nurse Call applications to automate cancellations
  • Identifies the closest caregiver and documents response time
Staff BadgeStaff Badge
Duress BadgeDuress Badge
Temperature Monitoring

Environmental & Temperature Sensors

  • Easily monitors items that require strict temperature-controlled conditions
  • Reliable and accurate wireless temperature, humidity and air pressure sensing 24/7
  • Sends alerts when measurements are sensed above or below set parameters
Environmental SensorEnvironmental Sensor
Abient Humidity & Temperature SensorsAmbient Temperature & Humidity Sensor

CenTrak Infrastructure Components

RTLS Infastructure

RTLS Infrastructure

  • Battery operated for plug and play installation
  • Extreme battery life
Virtual WallVirtual Wall™
LF ExciterLF Exciter
LF ExciterBLE Beacon
Security Solutions Infrastructure Components

CenTrak Security Infrastructure Components

  • Security Controller Package supporting infant protection, wander management and asset security
  • Protect patients with multiple alerts and alarms, controlling access to doors and elevators
  • Integrates easily with other security and access control systems in place
Access Control KeypadAccess Control Keypad
Elevator / Door ControllerSecurity Controller
LF Exciter AntennaLF Exciter Antenna