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North America’s Top Hospitals are CenTrak Customers

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Our customers are leading health systems and organizations who are focus on improving the patient experience while increasing staff efficiency & satisfaction. CenTrak-installed sites see improvements in their clinical workflow, regulatory compliance, and ROI. We are proud to be the RTLS & visibility solutions provider of choice for the US Department of Veterans Affairs as well as all the noteworthy customers whose experiences we share below. Check out our RTLS Savings Calculator or request more information to see what CenTrak can do for your facility.

Kimberly Brayley
Director, RTLS Project Management Office
US Department of Veteran Affairs

“The quality of veteran care and improving the delivery of our healthcare services are the driving forces behind implementing the RTLS solution,” said Kimberly Brayley, director, RTLS Project Management Office, Veteran Health Administration. “Leveraging state-of-the-art technology allows VA to decrease operational costs and increase efficiencies, satisfaction and quality healthcare delivery.”

Mike Kohler
Director of Materiel Management
Mission Hospital (St. Joseph Health System)

“When I’m saving a quarter of a million dollars here and half-million dollars there relative to equipment management it’s substantial. And our end-users are so happy that instead of getting a phone call [saying] ‘how could you run out of this vital item’, I’m getting phone calls saying ‘I just want you to know, my nurses are talking about this on their own time, and how much the love your solution [CenTrak]. “

Kathi Cox
CPHIMS, Project Consultant, Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Alliance

“From a business standpoint, asset management pays for the RTLS infrastructure. However, RTLS is continually making inroads into clinical services, and it’s this convergence of asset management and clinical workflow which demonstrates the true promise of RTLS. The longer term goal of RTLS is full integration with internal information systems for EMR, Lab, and RAD, among others. The activating principle for this system integration is ‘measuring and managing the patient journey’ where the entire patient experience can proceed in an efficient and clinically effective manner.”