Resources Testimonials (continued)

Winjie Tang Miao
Texas Health Alliance

“Our greatest benefit, in my opinion, is the way we are using the tool to automate non-value-added tasks, [such as] keeping real-time PAR values on highly utilized patient equipment and having alerts sent when that PAR has been compromised so it can be dealt with. If you look at patient satisfaction, our scores are very high…[The solution] helps workers locate assets quickly, thereby enabling them to spend more time serving patients. In addition, the patient-tracking function makes it possible to automate the discharge process, as well as find patients for friends and family, while the personnel-tracking capability enables the system to identify which staff members have been within the vicinity of an infectious patient.”

Brenda Weyl
Director of Operational Excellence, Grady Memorial Hospital

“We want to feel that we have a business partner who cares about our patients as much as we do. CenTrak has demonstrated this time and again. For example, CenTrak’s installation of hardware, which could have been disruptive to patients, was handled professionally and quickly. Simply put, they know what they’re doing and their product is superior in both reliability and flexibility.”

Intelligent Hospital Awards 2014 Pamphlet, HIMSS’14 Intelligent Hospital Pavilion
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

“Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has a vast system of facilities in North Carolina. Managing over 700 refrigerators across multiple, geographically separated buildings and campuses is a complex task, demanding 10,000 staff hours annually to acquire the twice-daily mandated temperature checks for refrigeration of medications, blood, patient nutrition products, research specimens and other high value items, This time commitment alone was estimated at $300,000. On one hand, massive savings were realized: in just one incident, 6,000 doses of flu vaccines valued at $90,000 would have been discarded and repurchased if the temperature had not been adjusted. On the other hand, it was found that eight percent of the units were incapable of holding the required temperature. Based on the success of this project, the Center plans to extend the project to other areas of the enterprise.”

Terry Broussard
Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center

“Our ability to locate equipment 186 beds was quite limited…Since the implementation we’re able to deliver that equipment to direct to the patient’s bedside in a timely fashion and provide quality patient care.”

Kevin Meyers
Director of Logistics and Services
Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center

“Prior to the CenTrak implementation we would use our decontam[ination] techs to make rounds throughout the facility. Now, we’re able to detain soiled equipment in certain areas and we’re able to allocate our resources appropriately, saving time… One of the key benefits has been focusing on our crash cart expiration process. I’m notified with an email alert when an item is going to expire so we are able to allocate less resources monthly to track expired items.”